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An opera devotee since boyhood, he plans on a long career

Novelists are known to love reading fiction, and most visual artists make regular rounds of the galleries, but opera singers, with surprising frequency, are not opera fans.

Maybe that’s because opera is so intense and demanding that its practitioners, once they get offstage, have no interest in a busman’s holiday. Or maybe it’s because opera these days isn’t the popular art form it once was. In its early history, tunes from new works were sung in the streets, like Beyoncé singles; now, the canon largely set, audiences are for the most part limited to the rich and white. Whatever the reason, for many singers opera is their job, and just their job. They perform in Traviata, but in their spare time they’d rather listen to Taylor Swift.

Then there is the bass-baritone Luca Pisaroni.

- The New York Observer

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