Born in Venezuela, raised in Italy and at home on all the great opera stages of Europe and North America, Luca Pisaroni says one of his favorite places to work and relax is Santa Fe. ERIC MYERS reports.

Luca Pisaroni is on the phone from Santa Fe, the day after his acclaimed first performance in the title role of Maometto II. “You want to know my favorite place to spend time singing? I’m going to be obvious and say Santa Fe. Normally after working in a city for a while, there comes a time when I say, ‘I want to go home.’ This has never happened to me in Santa Fe! My first time here was in 2008. I opened in Figaro at the end of June, and I never wanted to leave. There is something special, something magical, that happens here in terms of the light, the weather, the colors, the spirit, the atmosphere.” Read more