The dashing Italian bass-baritone Luca Pisaroni will be flying into London for a recital at Wigmore Hall on Sunday night, 26 January 2014, accompanied by his two canine bodyguards (though in the concert itself he will be accompanied by the non-canine pianist, Wolfram Rieger). Pisaroni’s fear of flying is eased by the presence on a plane of his cuddly dog companions, Lenny and Tristan, whose travels round Europe are featured in a gallery on the singer’s website. Has he heard the saying ‘Never work with children or animals’? Is there a danger he might be upstaged by the adorable duo? Let’s hope they don’t sing Brahms and Lizst.

View the picture gallery of Lenny and Tristan (and Luca)

View event details of Luca Pisaroni’s recital at Wigmore Hall

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