Being one of the most in-demand artists around is never easy. But Luca Pisaroni has found a way to balance his professional and his personal life in a way that the two work together.

In a recent interview with OperaWire, the bass commented on his lifestyle, his approach to learning new roles, and his reinterpretation of old ones.

Always at Home

For many artists like Pisaroni, traveling can be a true challenge. Being away, weeks on end, from family and close friends is a truly difficult lifestyle.

“Being a singer and a performer is a lonely activity. Onstage you have relationships, but when it is over, you are in your own thoughts. I go through the entire piece and think about every moment and how I can improve it,” the Italian singer stated.

The loneliness is often exacerbated by having to go into an empty hotel or apartment room with only those thoughts hanging around the artist.

But this is not the case for Pisaroni, who has managed to find a way to keep his entire family with him, including his wife and two dogs, Lenny and Tristan.

“At the beginning of my career when I met my wife, we didn’t travel that much with the dogs,” he noted. “But we realized that it was beneficial to travel with them all the time because we feel at home wherever we go. And I never miss them. It is a blessing and I feel lucky because I can be in San Francisco or anywhere and as long as my wife and dogs are with me, I feel at home.

“If they are there then I don’t feel that I need to be anywhere else. And it makes my job easier.”

Moreover, having his wife and dogs around is an inspiration for him.

“I love that my wife is always there for me to help me be the best artist I can be,” Pisaroni added. As for the dogs, he simply enjoys the love they give him.

“They are not dogs. Lenny is a Golden retriever person. Tristan is actually a person. He has a personality that is endlessly fascinating,” Pisaroni added. “They communicate with each other without saying a word. Sometimes I look at them to see how they interact and it always makes me smile.”

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