On May 15, Luca Pisaroni sings the iconic role of Méphistophélès in a concert version of Gounod’s Faust at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow. Pisaroni will take the stage under the baton of Michael Güttler with Stephen Costello as Faust, Anita Hartig as Marguerite, Konstantin Shushakov as Valentin, Alexandra Kadurina as Siébel, Daniil Chesnokov as Wagner, and Margarita Kalinina as Marthe. A live broadcast of the performance (available as an archived broadcast for future enjoyment) will be available at the following link beginning at 4pm GMT.

A seasoned role for Pisaroni, he has been lauded for his compelling portrayal of this wicked and unforgettable character:

“In his first appearance in one of opera’s iconic role, Pisaroni displayed Mephisto’s many facets – his charm, elegance and humor, that masks a sinister purpose. His delivery of the great hits – the spirited Veau d’Or and the Serenade – were flawless and sung with a self-assuredness that one might have believed this was his 100th Mephistopheles rather than his role debut.” (Opera Warhorses)

“Luca Pisaroni is a strutting peacock of a man as Mephistopheles, reveling in his fine clothes and ladies’ man manner. He never threatens, he never frightens; there is simply an air of inevitability about him which is irresistible. The truth be told, there is something decidedly more attractive about him, compared to Faust. I wonder why? I leave it to you.”  (Broadway World)